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This 5-day Migraine Mini Course is for YOU if:

  • You are a Female entrepreneur or business professional.
  •  You are yearning to live your life fully and make a difference in the world!
  • You are tired of migraines stopping your flow and momentum and making you waste your precious time.

Top 3 Secrets how these 5 days can change your Life

Are you tired of wasting precious time because yet another migraine is forcing you to hide in a darkened room until the pain goes away?

Or maybe you need to work on a project or have a call with your customer, but you’re truly suffering! Thinking clearly is almost impossible with that much pain, right?


Let me show you that change is possible

Learn the 3 empowering tools for a life with less pain, without depending upon medications that lead to enormous side effects

Nutrition Insights

Get insights on the effect food has on your mood and wellbeing and on the frequency of migraines


Learn to recognize your deeper migraine triggers through the Food Mood Poop journal practice

BREATHING techniques

Discover simple breathing techniques that help you to calm your nervous system

Check out our Testimonials

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program is that I am much more aware of my body and its needs and I learned that a totally different way of eating without gluten, sugar and dairy is possible. And you still feel full and light. I would recommend Martina to anybody who needs a support for weight loss, energy levels, chronic pain. Her coaching will be one the best things to do in your life.
Deniz Dokurlar
I’ve been suffering from headaches for a very long time. I always left my house being armed with some kind of aspirine. Martina gave me very simple and crazy effective tips and patiently guided me through my eating habits and all things that caused headache. Like stress and worry. Yesterday I realized I hadn’t taken a pill for weeks! Thank you so much Martina!
Esther De Charon
I have to admit I was very skeptical, but I had gastritis that no doctor had been able to actually solve, but only to ‘hide’ for a while’. I changed my mind after a few weeks: Martina has managed to get rid of my gastritis, and make me feel incredibly better. Two years have passed, I have not had any more problems since then, and I learned things that have improved my and my childrens’ quality of life. And we keep enjoying new surprising taste experiences that Martina made us discover.
Paola Casella

Hi, I am Martina Brüggemann and this is my story

I am a Health Coach, specializing in helping migraine sufferers get on the path to a more pain free life.
Preventing or taming pain by ingesting medication cannot be a long term solution, yet this is what many migraine sufferers are advised to do by their doctors and so was I!
I used to get frequent migraines and my doctor used to tell me to accept it!
I was constantly worried about taking medications and side effects related to them.

Truth be told, I was worried about my future.

Until the day when I realized that I could change my present trajectory and experience a life with less or no migraine!

Yes, that is possible, even though migraine truly is a beast. But it’s also your body’s way to tell you that something has to be looked at, that something has to be changed.

So in that sense, what if migraine can actually be your friend, showing you the way?

Now, is this something you were seeking for a long time?

Here's the offer one more time...

Join the 5 Day Once in a lifetime experience (worth $500)

To find the missing link of your migraine triggers and how to overpower them.

Learn to get hold of your super power within (worth $100)

Realize that you can change what you thought was your fate.

Power on healing masterclass (worth $200)

Learn how to switch on the healing mode of your body.

For you - this time it's FREE!

Why wait any longer, when this could give your life a real transformation?

Let me help you approach your migraine differently so that you can find the underlying causes and learn how to read your body’s signals.

I can’t take your migraine away during those 5 days. But I can teach you what you can do to get there yourself. 

So take your seat in the 5-Day ‘Find the Missing Link’ experience here! We start on June 21st!

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