Goodbye Migraine Program

Say Goodbye Migraine forever in just 4 weeks

if you…. 

have had enough of wasting valuable time in your life because of migraines 


you can’t stand it anymore that your life flows past you on migraine days. 


you finally want to be fully present, for your job, for your customers, for your family, your friends – AND FOR YOU! 

"I am totally thrilled, your tips have helped me well. With your help, I will get my migraine under control. Thank you for this!"

Who is it for?

This 4 week 'Goodbye Program' is for you if: - you are afraid that all the side effects of the medication you are taking will harm you. -You finally want to belong again, to arrive in life and with people. -You are tired of feeling guilty when you have to cancel another appointment and of always letting yourself and others down.

The Story Behind the 'Goodbye Migraine Program'

I suffered from frequent migraines myself for almost 30 years. I wasted a lot of time, especially often the pain struck on Saturdays, and then I could only wait in bed for it to pass. Little helped, sometimes the painkillers were still effective, but often not. Out of desperation, I went to an alternative practitioner and underwent a rather extreme treatment, because he thought it might help. But it did not. 


I had actually given up hoping that anything could help me. I had almost resigned myself to it, thought it was just the way it was, maybe I had inherited it, or it was just the stress. But then by chance, about 10 years ago, I came across the solution for me. I wanted to lose weight and, inspired by the successes of a friend, changed my diet according to her plan. 4 weeks later, I noticed that I hadn’t had a migraine for a long time…  


Since then, a lot has changed for me, because a project manager has become a functional health coach and I now know why the change at that time worked and how everything in the body is connected. 


The great thing is that I am still almost completely migraine-free.  


“You deserve to finally feel better!”

If you realize that there is much more in you, more zest for life, more energy, more potential, but the migraine keeps throwing you back, and you can’t manage to live out this energetic version of yourself?

If you’ve tried and tried so many things, but none of it has helped?

If you have almost given up and can’t imagine that there is a solution for you?

Then this is a real and long-lasting solution for you!

  • Learn what causes your migraines and how to eliminate them
  • Learn about a path that eliminates the causes of your migraines and see it clearly in front of you. 
  • Know what to do and take the wind out of the sails of the migraine step by step and at your own pace.  
  • Implement the steps in a way that suits you and your lifestyle. 
  • Rediscover what it feels like to be pain-free.  
  • Find your zest for life again and a whole new lightness.

What you will learn in the 4-week program:

Prepare for the change:

  • Find your Why & Vision.
  • How to start your day?
  • Simple upgrades for your health
  • Replace what’s not serving you

Set yourself up for the success:

  • The gluten connection
  • Make your kitchen your support system
  • You are your No. 1! – cooking for family
  • Crowding out instead of deprivation

De-stress your life:

  • What stress has got to do with it
  • Meditation & Co.
  • The impact of dairy

Sweeten up your life:

  • What sugar’s got to do with it
  • How to beat cravings
  • Your emotions and how EFT can help
  • Movement of joy

Check out our testimonials:

"I usually had headaches four times a month, plus 1 to 2 migraines. I have tried many therapies, but none was sustainable. Then I did this 4-week online course with Martina. I knew I couldn't go on like this. So I embarked on the dietary change and lo and behold, I now have significantly less frequent and less severe headaches and a marked improvement in quality of life. Martina has wonderful recipes and alternatives, and it doesn't feel like giving up, it's a real change. Martina understands how to deal with questions, fears and insecurities of each participant in an appreciative way."
"Since my childhood, I suffer from migraine and have already tried a lot, especially with a focus on holistic treatments. Even before this course, I already came across the topic of nutrition, which is approached very differently by conventional medicine and holistic medicine. I started changing my diet three months ago and was curious to see if Martina Brüggemann's approach matched mine. The course has encouraged me to be on the right track. In addition, I received a wide variety of input that was new to me and is now an enrichment, whether with recipes, with relaxation techniques or planning aids. I was very satisfied and can only recommend the lovingly put together course!"
"I found the approach of the course very stimulating, because it also focused on the physical level - on nutrition and thinking. How much a "wrong" diet is related to migraine, I could internalize very well for me through this course. Many tips and nutritional suggestions were given to me, which I can now use and will continue to try to apply."

This all sounds great but.....

Most frequent questions and answers

So far, almost every client has asked me this question at the beginning of our cooperation
and then realized that we really work on the causes of migraine and the approach is
completely different. Actually, almost everyone has a chance to get better, but with my
money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Please keep taking your medication. You will most likely notice that the migraines become
less severe or less frequent after a few weeks. Please discuss with your doctor what you are
changing with this course and if you should modify your medications.

There is no guarantee, but most participants notice already a considerable improvement
after 4-6 weeks. The important thing is to implement the nutrition changes and new lifestyle
as much as possible.

You have no risk with a 100% money back guarantee. If you change your mind or are not
satisfied within 8 days from the start of the course, you will get your money back.

That’s no problem at all! You can work through the course at your own pace and have 6
months access to the videos. Everything else you can download and keep for life. There is no
pressure and finding your own pace, without overwhelm, is important.

You can work at your own pace without any pressure. Make it fit your life.

Are you ready to say 'Goodbye Migraine' now?


Goodbye Migraine Program: My signature program to eradicate Migraine by the root

 Nothing has really helped me so far, and why should this course help? 

It helps because we address the causes and thus give the migraine no more reason to appear. 

This approach is based on the principles of Functional Medicine and Nutrition and is your chance for a real, deep improvement. 

Believe me, it is my deepest concern to help you to live migraine-free.       

The path to freedom from pain begins with giving your body no more reason to sound the alarm with migraines, to signal to you that something is wrong and urgently needs to be changed. 

Regular Price: € 397


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