Can You Put Your Health First For Just 21 Days?

Ditch the “I’ll start next Monday” mindset with 21 daily, bite-sized habits anyone can stick to with the 21-Day Habit Challenge!

No more starting – and shortly afterwards stopping your new habits. This time you’ll make them last because you’ll get support. 

Struggling to stick to healthy habits you know would help you look, feel, and perform at your best?

You’re not alone. In fact, recent studies show that 70% of adults in the U.S. report having at least one unhealthy habit they know they need to break… and another study showed that 61% of adults picked up bad habits over the last few years alone.

If that’s you, maybe one or more of these sound familiar…

  • You’re spending way more time in front of a screen than getting outside
  • You’re having trouble sticking to a workout routine for more than a few days, weeks, or months at a time
  • You’re eating takeout meals more than you’d like to admit
  • You’re reaching for the wine, beer, or other vices to cope with stress after a long day
  • You keep buying water bottles so you remember to drink more water but you can never remember to fill them…

And maybe the list goes on…

Or, maybe your list looks a little different, but you know you could stand to eat a little healthier, get a few more workouts in every week, carve out more time to take care of yourself, and start putting your health first…

That’s where the 21-Day Habit Challenge comes in!

Make bite-sized shifts to create lasting results in just 21 days

The 21-Day Challenge is designed to help you work healthier habits into your day and give you the accountability you need to keep the promises you make to yourself… because you deserve to reap the benefits of a happy, healthy life!

When you join the challenge, you’ll get:

  • A 21-Day Habit Challenge Success Guide to help you implement brand new healthy habits and give you the tools & strategies you need you hit your goals faster
  • 21 DAILY “deep dive” coaching emails to keep you inspired
  • A daily habit tracker to track and celebrate your consistency
  • And a private Facebook Group with access to me and other challengers!

Plus, you’ll get to keep EVERYTHING you get in the challenge to refer back to or even to share with your friends and family.

We start on September 12th. Doors will close on 09/09/2022!

Join the challenge by clicking the button below and completing the registration form on the next page!

Registration will close on 09/09/2022!








The 21-Day Challenge is perfect for you if…

  • You picked up some unhealthy habits over the last few years and you need some accountability to drop them
  • You have a hard time sticking to healthy habits on your own and you’re tired of losing that “last 10 pounds” over and over again
  • You’re a busy person who feels like they “don’t have time” to practice healthy habits and you want a simple way to incorporate healthier activities into your week
  • Or, you’re simply ready to recommit to healthy habits that might have gotten pushed aside because … life!

How much are unhealthy habits costing you?

And how much more could you accomplish every day if you felt your best, looked your best, and performed at your best because you’re consistently “filling up your tank” with healthy, daily habits?

This challenge is nearly a month of “done-with-you” coaching and accountability, which would normally cost $600 if we were working 1:1.

But, I want to make sure this challenge is a no-brainer for ANYONE to say yes to, so you won’t pay a fraction of that!

That’s why your investment to join the challenge today is just $97

In just 21 days, you’ll finally be able to:

  • Stick with your healthy habits so you don’t have to deal with the grueling challenge of starting over every few days, weeks, or months
  • Build confidence and momentum to crush your bigger goals
  • Get the accountability you need to stay the course!

That means no more worrying or thinking that you have to make big changes overnight…

Or that you’re just “not good” at eating healthy or exercising…

Or that you’ll be doomed to low energy and an extra few pounds around your waist for the rest of your life.


EVERY result comes down to the habits you’re committed to keeping on a daily basis.

Begin your 21 day habit forming challenge on August 12th, space is limited.

And if you are among the First 5 Lucky members of the 21-Day Habit Challenge

Get a 30 minutes personal 1:1 Coaching session with me! 

Meet the Host, Martina

I’m a Certified Health Coach and I am here to help sensitive women (and some fine men) in their 40ies and beyond to reduce their migraines and other chronic health issues naturally, with the principles of healthy nutrition and functional medicine plus lots of body-mind attention.

I am driven by a vision to help transform the way that chronic disease is dealt with. Enough of the medication overload that many people are getting into once they are diagnosed with chronic disease!
Most often there are better and safer ways that get you to trust your body again.


For any questions email to: info@martinabrueggemann

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